From Bond Girl to Gone Girl

Gone Girl

British actress Rosamund Pike is being tipped as the favourite to land the lead of Amy Dunne in Gillian Glynn’s smash hit book Gone Girl. The book is a tour de force and focuses upon Amy’s deteriorating marriage after she mysteriously vanishes on the night of her 5th wedding anniversary.  Published in January, Gone Girl has since gone on to receive widespread critical acclaim for its writing style and originality. Author Gillian Glynn has even been nominated for this year’s Women’s Prize for Fiction, which helps to make up for the neglect she faced from the literary awards back when her book was published.

Reese Witherspoon and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to produce this movie and Glynn herself has penned the script. David Fincher, director of Social Network and Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, is also a confirmed addition to the team, as well as Ben Affleck who will play Amy’s husband Nick. With such a strong production outlook, you can guarantee this will be a box office smash. With the book being one of the best reads of 2012, we hope the movie doesn’t disappoint. Then again, with Glynn behind the pen we feel it’s in good hands!

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