Kindle(ing) A Holiday Romance?



This time in two weeks I will hopefully be lying on a beach in Spain, topping up my tan with sangria in hand. However, something about this holiday will be different, and not just because it’s my first one without parental supervision.  This year I am discarding my tradition of packing a loved paperback in my suitcase and I will avoid my usual WHSmith shopping spree in the airport. Instead, for the first time ever, I am packing a Kindle along with my sun cream. Still in my mind, I cannot decipher how I feel about this new amendment to my travel. The plus side is that I can inevitably take 30 books, whereas before I could only take 2 at most, and it means that if my choice was bad I can swap to a different genre with one touch. However, there is still a part of me that seems intent on fighting the ebook to its core.

I have recently used my Kindle to read texts for university and found the experience overall rather odd. I still find myself malfunctioning when trying to figure out how to scribble a thought in the corner of the page, or screen should I say. No matter how hard I try, I still miss turning a page and flicking backwards to go over some previous detail. Even the smell, the clinical, new- electronic smell, is difficult to adjust to in comparison to the comforting mustiness of my favourite old books. To ease myself into this adjustment, I even purchased a Kindle cover that looked like a book in an attempt to convince my brain they were the same thing. But alas! I have an inbuilt mental block when it comes to reading an eBook.

I’m not saying that the eBook is analogous to the anti-Christ; it has certain perks. For example you can buy books like Ulysses for just £0.38 and it also looks swanky and seductive with its razor thin body. But it just isn’t the same. I don’t feel the same attachment to my Kindle as I do to my tatty copy of Jane Eyre and I know that if I start reading my copy of Frankenstein it won’t suddenly die on me as it loses charge. I have decided that the only way to cure my Kindlephobia is to lock myself away in solitary confinement with it as my only source of reading. Who knows, I may come back from Spain with a tan and a love for electronic literature.

by Nicola Borasinski

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