Publishers 101: Hoxton Mini Press



Here at Takingthingsliterally we thought we would start a new feature on publishers that excite and inspire us. This will be a monthly post that offers all you book lovers out there information on new, exciting businesses that are creating beautiful books. In the first post of its kind we would like to give a big shout out to Hoxton Mini Press.

Founded only last year, this small independent publishers based in East London was created by Martin Usborne and Ann Waldvogel. The vibrant East End is a platform which this small press uses to create wonderful books that explore the hidden stories Hackney and the surrounding area. Using both print and photographs, Hoxton Mini Press has produced some truly memorable books in an incredibly short time. Their first publication ‘I have lived in East London for 86 1/2 Years’ by Martin Usborne tells the story of Joseph Markovitch who only left London once throughout his entire lifetime. The images are arresting and the accompanying narrative perfectly captures one man’s personal history of the East End. Another highlight is ‘East London Swimmers’ by Madeleine Waller, which includes portraits of swimmers from the London Field’s lido. This book tells the story of those hardy swimmers who brave this outdoor pool during the winter months. The pictures are beautiful and accompany small interviews with each person who explains their reasons for swimming.

This small press is redefining the coffee table book and turning it into a beautiful work of art. By using East London as inspiration for each publication we can be sure to expect many more wonderful things from Hoxton Mini Press. For more information about this exciting, new publisher head to their website and follow them on social media.


Twitter: @HoxtonMiniPress

Facebook: Hoxton Mini Press


(Image re-produced with permission from Ann Waldvogel of Hoxton Mini Press) 

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